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Hello, Sweetie, I'm Billie Sue. I'm 18. Pennsylvania. This is a bit of me. I enjoy
Doctor Who,Sherlock,Hogwarts, Disney,Supernatural, OUAT, HIMYM,HungerGames, Nerdfighteria,starkid,childhood nostalgia, get it. I'm a musician and i sing. feel free to ask me about it. thanks for visting. stay golden :)

make me choose
anonymous asked: hogsmeade or diagon alley

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dean winchester meme: [2/4] reoccurring themes gay undertones

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Phil is truly underrated...

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Supernatural has an episode of Supernatural about a book called Supernatural and even talks about Supernatural fans shipping them together.



The Supernatural fandom has a response gif for the Supernatural fandom of the Supernatural books in the Supernatural show.

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Hehe I made a Johnlock stool thingy

What else to do on a Wednesday evening

to far this time way to far 

That is frickin brilliant.

Now aren’t that faces made for sitting on?

Wow, that’s brilliant. 

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